Monday, 27 April 2015

Easy Going - 22nd and 23rd of April 2015

The last two days have gone by much easier than the previous days. In this section I have been winding my way around the base of Mt Fuji, which is relatively flat, and it has provided the opportunity for some great photos of the area. Warning: The will be a lot of photos of Mt Fuji in this post

The ladies at the place I was staying fixed me up a huge breakfast, including ham, eggs, dried fish, natto, rice, miso soup, pickles, and meatballs. I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection but ate it all up happily and bid them farewell. I then got on climbing the only mountain I would have to overt the next two days, Mt Ohira. I think I only had to climb a measly 300m or so, so compared to the last few days this was nothing. It was here I got my first, of what was to be many, great views of Fuji:

And Lake Yamanaka too:

The trail then led me in and around the base of Mt Fuji to all kinds of places:

Around farms

Past "Happy Drink Shop"

To places where I could take five and relax

Following canals 
Past blooming sakura

Meeting the locals 
Through temples

To places that didn't makes it 
And some that did (Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park)
There were plenty of dogs

And some cats too

Don't forget the cows!
 Past messages of wisdom
 And through forests too.

Down deserted roads

To the yellow submarine
Past some great sights...
That went on...
And on...
And on...

 But nothing compared to Fuji

 So I took photo

After photo...

After photo...

It really has been a great two days to be alive, I've gotten to see so many beautiful things. I've now found a place to sleep behind some thick hedges on the grounds of golf club in the Asagiri Plateau. Hopefully I will not get asked to leave in the middle of the night by a security guard. 

Night night

Distance: 28.5km

Distance: 32.1km

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