Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Short Day and Back to the City - 27th April 2015

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in downtown Shizuoka writing this and enjoying a beer. This morning I decided it was time for a rest, and I knew there was a bus that ran from the town I had to pass through that went to Shizuoka City. So I woke up at the shrine, packed up my stuff, and proceed up and then down the mountain for the next three hours or so. Here are some pictures of what I saw:

Same kind of animal I saw the other day

I'm pretty sure it's a mountain goat of some sort

The top of Mt Ryso

Top of Mt Ryuso

Yes, Japan does have snakes

What I was walking through for a good hour or so

Finally into the town of Ushizuma

Just before arriving at the town of Ushizuma, I saw this beautiful sight:

I’m not sure if the photos have captured it true to its form, but it was an absolutely stunning little sight, like something straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki film.

I then walked around the corner and jumped on a bus and headed to Shizuoka city. It was a little strange being in a vehicle again after walking for so long. I really noticed the ease at which we moved over long distances, and in no less than 25 minutes we were in the centre of Shizouka City, a feat that would have taken me about a day if I had walked.

It was also a little strange being in a city again. So many people all going about their business in every which direction. I got on the internet at the station and made a booking for a hotel around the corner. The room is a shoes box, but it has all the comforts I have been missing for the past week and super fast internet. I think I will have book in again and have another day off tomorrow. This will give me a chance to buy some trekking poles, and go to the all you can eat Vietnamese place around the corner for lunch. I swear I will eat them out of business.

Distance: 7.87km

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  1. Hey Tom, the animal in the pictures is a serow. Its a type of Japanese goat-antelope. The pictures are great and its good to know that the experience is living up to your dream :)