Monday, 27 April 2015

It's Getting Better all the Time – 25th April 2015

So I think I broke my distance record today. The GPS is saying 34kms, I will have to check to make sure but I think it’s the furthest I have walked in one day so far. What helped me achieve this feat was the fact I actually awoke, and stayed awake, at 5am when my alarm went off, and thus I was on the trail by around half six. It was a clear day, and this was the view I woke up to.

Mt Fuji

Before setting off up the first mountain of the day, I noticed that there was a box next to the toilet block with a bunch of makeshift walking sticks in it. I have always wanted to try trekking poles, so I grabbed two and off I went. Nothing could stop me! With the assistance of those two sticks I flew up that mountain in record time, and down the other side too. I am definitely going to be getting some real ones the next time I go past a camping store.

After getting down from Mt Shishinzan, I was led into another another Japanese village. 

I spied this little fella in the tea bushes

This one actually had a few people stirring around in it, tending to fields, sitting and chatting, fishing etc. No one moves in a hurry, they just go about their business at their own pace (although this could be because the average age in these villages is around 60). One thing I have noticed is how harmonious these mountain villages are. Everything is clean and in order, trees pruned, nice cars in all the driveways, and almost complete silence apart from the birds and the wind through the trees. It always seems to me that nothing is amiss, everything is as it should be.

I walked a few kilometres further down a mountain road and got into a larger town at which I planned to resupply. First thing I did was get a hot coffee from the vending machine.

Then got lunch.

And got these snacks that would keep me going for the next two days.

My body really can’t get enough food into it at the moment. It feels as though I am burning it off as soon as I put it in me.

I kept going up and down some mountain roads. At one point I felt an itch on my leg. I pulled up my pant leg and found a bug I pulled off, but on closer inspection I realised it was a tick. Oh no, aren’t you meant to remove them in a certain way? I had a closer look and it seems it did not leave its snout (I think that's the word) in me so I think I will be okay.

I got spat out at another village.

And then I powered on another 6km up a mountain road and got treated to these sights.

It led to a campground that turned out to be closed. I’m hoping they won’t mind me just setting my tent up and leaving early…

Someone left a present in the bathroom

Bacon ramen dinner

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