Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Most Amazing Restaurant Ever - 6th May 2015

Okay, so I decided to stay another day as I hadn't really felt rested yet with the festival and all. So today I did nothing much except have a big breakfast in the hotel, watch some TV and finally sew the hole in my sweater up.

I did manage to make it out for lunch though to a cheap sushi place that Yoshimi suggested I try. It turned out to be one of the coolest experiences I have had in Japan so far:

I chose one of these counter seats
So like a normal sushi train you have the sushi going past you on a conveyor belt. Every plate is only 100yen ($0.83 USD)

There are all types: Tuna


Instead of stacking your dishes so they be counted at the end, you put them down this slot right in front of you...
...and they are counted automatically and added onto you bill
Above your head you have a touch screen with your plate count and a menu that you can order any type of sushi you want

Then it comes out on this automated tray from the kitchen, in this case I ordered a cake for dessert

Every five plates you put in the slot, a little cartoon comes on your screen that ends with a gamble in which you either "win" or "lose"
If you "win" a ball roles out from this machine above your head
And you win a prize, in this case a Dragonball fridge magnet... Yay!

At no point, except for seating and the bill, do you need to have contact with a waiter or waitress. If you want a drink you go get it yourself at the self service drink bar. They really have streamlined the dining process for a sushi restaurant and passed the savings onto the customer. At 100 yen a plate, this is about the cheapest sushi you will find in the world. I went a little food crazy; I'm ashamed to say it but I ended up having had twenty three plates and that piece of cake in the video, washed down with a large beer. I totally waddled out of there, stomach aching and fully distended, but throughly content with the meal at the price of no more than 2700 yen.

So now I have eaten and am rested, I think it is time for me to get back on the road tomorrow.

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